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Publicaciones Indizadas

Archive of Applied Mechanics

On torsional vibrations of axial-symmetric infinite hollow poroelastic cylinders


Jonathan Verdugo-Olachea, Selene Solorza-Calderón, Antonio González-Fernández, Jonás D. De Basabe



Expert Systems with Applications

Multi-class skin lesion classification using prism- and segmentation-based fractal signatures


José Ariel Camacho-Gutiérrez, Selene Solorza-Calderón, Josué Álvarez-Borrego



Geophysical Journal International

Comparison of wave-propagation simulations in fractured domains using discrete fractures and equivalent media


Rubén Rioyos-Romero, Jonás D. De Basabe, Selene Solorza-Calderón, Mario González-Escobar, Markus Gross



Applied Mathematics and Computation

Machine learning approach for higher-order interactions detection to ecological communities management


María Evarista Arellano-García, José Ariel Camacho-Gutiérrez, Selene Solorza-Calderón



Applied Mathematics and Computation

Torsional waves of infinite fully saturated poroelastic cylinders within the framework of Biot viscosity-extended theory


Selene Solorza-Calderón



Journal of Seismic Exploration

Cooperative Full Waveform and Gravimetric Inversion


Raul U. Silva, Jonás D. De Basabe, Mrinal K. Sen, Mario González-Escobar, Enrique Gómez-Treviño, Selene Solorza-Calderón  



Applied Sciences

Classification of dermoscopy skin lesion color-image using fractal-deep learning features


Edgar Omar Molina-Molina, Selene Solorza-Calderón, Josué Álvarez Borrego



Journal of Signal Processing Systems

Fractional Fourier-radial transform for digital image recognition


Luis Felipe López-Ávila, Josué Álvarez Borrego, Selene Solorza-Calderón



Journal of Applied Geophysics

Adaptive sub-images BSR pattern recognition system for seismic reflection images


Selene Solorza-Calderón, Antonio González-Fernández

Applied Optics

Image correlation by one-dimensional signatures invariant to rotation, position, and scale using the radial Hilbert transform optimized


Alfredo Castro-Valdez, Josué Álvarez Borrego, Selene Solorza-Calderón



Applied Mathematics and Computation

Scale, Translation and Rotation Invariant Wavelet Local Feature Descriptor


Barajas-García, C., Solorza-Calderón, S.  and Gutiérrez-López, E.



Journal of Applied Geophysics

Automation methodology to determine the inclination angle of non-parallel BSR on seismic reflection images


Solorza-Calderón, S., González-Fernández, A. and González-Escobar, M.



Journal of Geophysics and Engineering

2D multiresolution automated system to detect BSR on seismic reflection images


Barba-Rojo, P.K., Solorza-Calderón, S., González-Fernández, A. and González-Escobar, M.



Optics Communication

Classification of Fragments of Objects by te Fourier Masks Pattern Recognition System


Barajas-García, C., Solorza-Calderón, S., and Álvarez-Borrego, J.



Journal Of Modern Optics

Position and rotation-invariant pattern recognition system by binary rings masks.


S. Solorza and J. Álvarez-Borrego.



Optics Communications

Adaptive nonlinear correlation with a binary mask invariant to rotation and scale.


Alfredo Solís Ventura, Josué Álvarez Borrego, Selene Solorza.



Revista Cubana de Física

Sistema Digital Invariante a Posición y Rotación para el Reconocimiento de Objetos en Imágenes Mediante Perfiles de Intensidad.


Selene Solorza y J. Álvarez-Borrego.




Optics Communications

Invariant correlation to position and rotation using binary mask applied to binary and gray images.


Álvarez-Borrego J., Solorza S., and Bueno-Ibarra, MA.






Comparative analysis of several digital methods to recognize diatoms.


Álvarez-Borrego J., Solorza S.






Optics Communications

Digital System of invariant correlation to position and rotation. 


Solorza S., Álvarez-Borrego J.





Geophysical Journal International

On Extensional Waves in a poroelastic cylinder within the framework of viscosity-extended biot theory: The Case of Traction-Free Open-Pore Cylindrical Surface. 


Solorza S., and Sahay, P.

Geophysical Journal International

Standing torsional waves in fully-saturated porous circular cylinder. 


Solorza S., and Sahay, P.

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